My Epiphanies (three of many)

1. Institutions like the US government, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund purposefully use their money and power to open up countries and industries with the aim of increasing market access and profitability. They remove protective mechanisms, regardless of the cultural or social costs, and usually contribute to the creation of debt, poverty, and wealth disparity, often to the benefit of a small elite.

2. Removing equalizing controls and social protections, free market systems create a feedback loop biased toward the wealthy and powerful elite. Insofar as self-interest is central to free market theory, greed and corruption are unsurprising corollaries.

3. As the free market economy has no social or moral requisites, war, disaster, and instability are suitable avenues for profit. Accordingly, market interests will attempt to privatise sectors like defence and military, and use war and instability to their profit.

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